The Top 4 Scams Criminals Try to Pull on St. Petersburg Resident Homeowners

Criminals target people with something valuable to steal, whether their identity or money. Homeowners who are already struggling and at risk of foreclosure are more vulnerable to being victimized because heightened emotions can lead to poor decisions. There is real help available to save your home. Anyone who tries to get you to act quickly … Continued

13 Ways To Find Good Reputable Home Roofers in St. Petersburg Florida

Finding Reputable Roofers in St. Petersburg, Florida Your roof is absolutely essential both for curb appeal and for keeping everything inside the home safe.  A roofing repair or replacement is expensive, even when insurance is involved, and it’s something you shouldn’t have to deal with very often while you live in your home.  This is … Continued

How To Become a Participating Landlord in St. Petersburg’s Housing Authority Section 8 Housing Choice Program

Becoming a Participating Landlord in St. Petersburg’s Housing Authority A participating landlord in St. Petersburg’s Housing Authority (SPHA) enjoys income from people thoroughly screened into the Section 8 program. It’s more than using your property for rental income.  You’re providing an opportunity for a person or a family to establish a home, creditworthiness, and a … Continued

5 Things You Can Do Now To Prevent A Foreclosure On Your Home In St. Petersburg Florida

Foreclosure Prevention in St. Petersburg St. Petersburg’s foreclosure process does not happen in a single function because it is a mortgage-only state. This means that judicial foreclosure doctrines are available for different types of judicial action. Generally, there are numerous reasons why a homeowner goes into foreclosure. This can result from financial hardships like low … Continued

Why The Homeowners Insurance Crisis Continues To Rise in St. Petersburg, Florida and Will There Be New State Laws To Control it?

Opening the notification of the coming year’s homeowner’s insurance premium is not for the faint of heart in St. Petersburg, Florida. But, that’s about to change thanks to new rules for the insurance industry. The average annual premium nearly doubled in 2022 compared to the rest of the country. Legislators put measures in place aimed … Continued