A Guide To Paying Your Delinquent Property Taxes If You Live in Pinellas County.

Taxes are significant to a country’s economy. Especially city and local taxes. They are by far the most critical source of a governments revenue. This revenue source is how local and city governments are able to finance expenditures and projects like schools, roads, police and fire departments.

When you default in your local taxes, it can be detrimental to the local economy. If you have delinquent property taxes in Pinellas county, you should consider paying them off to avoid heavy penalty fines and ultimately losing your property to auction.

For example, if you live in Pinellas County, Florida, and owe taxes. What is the process for paying them off if you are delinquent? This guide will answer essential questions relating to this process.

Reasons Why You Could Be Late on Paying Your Property Taxes In Pinellas County?

The truth is every year, homeowners living in Pinellas county are required to pay property taxes every year. If you have a home mortgage in most cases your property taxes is escrowed by the mortgage company and they will pay the taxes for you when it is due.

However, if you own your home free and clear of a mortgage. You are responsible for paying your property taxes yearly. For this reason, you will be required to save the amount that is due which some people do on a monthly basis or pay in a lump sum.

If you have issues with your job or loss of income. This could hinder your ability to pay your property taxes in time and cause you to become delinquent.

How Can I Pay My Delinquent Property Taxes If I Live In Pinellas County?

When you have defaulted in your tax payments to Pinellas county and become delinquent, you can no longer use personal checks. Instead, delinquent taxes will need to be paid using a cashier’s check paid to Pinellas county. Other options would include money orders, credit cards or a wire transfer made payable to Pinellas County Tax Collector.

If you intend to use a wire transfer, make sure to follow the instructions on the wire transfer provided by the Pinellas county government. If you are having any trouble with the wire transfer method, or any other method, you can also send them an email to the provided department for support.

Can I Make Payment Arrangements For Delinquent Property Taxes Owed to Pinellas County?

You could make arrangements with the pinellas county government to pay unpaid property taxes through payment plan installments. The minimum partial payment for current taxes is $100 with a $10 processing fee. Final payments must be made by March 31 of the following year to avoid delinquency.

You cannot make partial payments after March 31. Take note that all unpaid taxes become delinquent by April 1, and interests and all other applicable costs are added to the original tax amount.

Does Pinellas County Honor the Postmark Date for Delinquent Property Taxes?

According to the Florida Department of Revenue Property Tax Rule 12D-13.002, the postmark for delinquent taxes cannot be honored. Instead, the Florida state law demands that delinquent real estate tax payments be made to the state’s tax office by the last working day of the month for which interest is being paid.

What Are the Qualifications for the Installment Payment Plan On Delinquent Property Taxes in Pinellas County?

For you to qualify for the installment payment plan in the state of Florida, your estimated taxes must be above $100 per tax notice. So for every tax notice, you must have payable taxes of more than $100.

Take note the estimated taxes must be above $100, not $100. If your estimated taxes for the tax year in which you are applying for an installment payment plan are $100 or less, you do not qualify.

How do I Get on the Installment Payment Plan If I Owe Back Property Taxes in Pinellas County?

It is straightforward to take advantage of the tax installment payment plan in Pinellas county. All you have to do is keep track of the application dates for this plan. For this year, applications for the installment payment plan take place from November 1, through April 30. All you have to do is keep those dates in mind. You’ll most likely have to wait till the following year if you miss it.

I’m on The Installment Payment Plan In Pinellas County. Do I Have to Reapply Every Year?

Many are not sure if they’d have to reply every year even though they had signed up the previous year. Well, the answer is No, you do not have to reapply every year. After submitting your first application, you do not have to make subsequent submissions to Pinellas county, as long as the first quarterly payment is made each year. If you ensure this, and you’re good to go.

3 Ways From Paying High Property Taxes In Pinellas County To Avoid Delinquency.

Staying on top of your property taxes is important to avoid being delinquent with Pinellas county. You also want to keep your property taxes low if you are on a fixed income or don’t have a stable source of income to rely on. This can be managed put it requires some diligence on your part. All you have to do is stay current (depending on your property location) with your property taxes to lower and limit your property taxes. There are some practical ways to do this:

Always Review Your Property Tax Card On the Pinellas County Government Website

Make sure to review your current tax profile on the Pinellas local county tax office website to check your property information for accuracy and any error(s). If you find any error(s), you can ask for a re-assessment. You could be overpaying in property taxes and not know.

Get Property Value Comparisons In Your Neighborhood in Pinellas County

Another thing you could do is to compare your property value with similar ones to check if your taxes are being fairly valued. Information on real estates taxes is everywhere on the web, so they are readily available for you to make your comparison.

Limit Over Improving Your Property In Pinellas County

An increase in the value of your property could amount to an increase in the amount of property taxes you have to pay. Infrastructural improvements like home additions often increase the value of your property. So, you might want to be mindful on the improvements that will cause your property taxes to go up.

You could also check if you qualify for homestead tax exemptions, file a tax appeal or participate during your tax assessor’s walkthrough.

What To Do If You Can No Longer Afford to Live in Pinellas County.

If you can no longer afford to live in Pinellas county and your taxes are already delinquent. You could apply for alternative payment plans. If that is not an option. You can consider selling to a real estate investor that buys property in Pinellas county.

If you fail to pay your property taxes in Pinellas county. Your property can be subject to being sold at a property auction. So it is best to have a plan in place to pay off your delinquent property taxes or if you can no longer afford your home. Sell your property in Pinellas county to avoid a complete loss.

If you have a property that is severely delinquent in property taxes in Pinellas county and you are considering selling it. You can contact us for a no-commit and free consultation at 813-666-5765

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